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Friday, June 5, 2015

Thats a wrap!

Well the Spring of 2015 is officially over tomorrow.  The weather has changed to summer and so have the hatches.  We had one of the finest spring fishing seasons ever both from conditions and the customers that made it happen.  Thanks again.

The last month I have been over on the Missouri river mostly and the fishing was fantastic on Nymphs, Dry's, and streamers depending on the day.  If you haven't ever fished the Missouri before is a definite bucket list river with a lot of large rainbow's and brown's and some of the prettiest scenery in Montana.  June this year is going to be awesome and with Salmon Flies already on most of Missoula area rivers it will be exciting!  Since May was a cool wet month this year we are looking pretty normal on water levels and thing's around Missoula should fish really well all summer and into the fall.  I still have some good dates open in August and September if you haven't got your dates yet.

This is going to be a great year to fish Montana so get ahold of me asap.

Monday, April 13, 2015

April and the fish are Biting and the rivers levels are great!

Hi Folks just want to give you all an update.  As you probably know we had a really unseasonable February and March but things have settled out now and cool spring weather has been the norm for the last couple of weeks.  We had some runoff already but with the close to freezing nights lately things have stabilized and both the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork are fishing well on Dry's in the afternoons!  Western Mt should continue to fish all the way through April and possible on into May this year.  We continue to get some snow up in the mountains so summer conditions should be decent when compared to a lot of other places in the west.  If you haven't booked year please get ahold of me and lets talk dates!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Bitterroot Skiff pic with Nice fish caught on a Skwala Dry

We caught this fish among many others last Wednesday and when this water bump subsides fish like this will again be rising to dry's!

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Well here it is folks the winters boat work is wrapped up and the new Bitterroot Skiff is awesome!  The Rivers in the Missoula area are really starting to fish well both on top and underneath.  The Skwala Stone Fly hatch is going and will continue through April.  We have a decent snowpack but only in the higher elevations so rivers should stay in reasonable shape all the way through the spring!

The weather has been great for getting the hatches going.  I have guided a few days already but really don't get going until next week.  I still have a few prime dates open for the Spring.

Overall I think we are in good shape around Western Montana for water but we will not be having a huge runoff like most years so things will fish really good in May and June this year!  Salmon Flies will be more of a Last week in May through Middle of June.  July of course will be awesome and August should fish just fine on Hoppers and Trico's.  If you are thinking about coming to Montana this year start planning now!  

Hope to see you all soon! Keep in Touch!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Things are looking good!

Well I just realized it has been a really longtime since my last post but this year I will try and be more consistent!

What has happened since my last post?  Lots of things but 2014 was a great water year and fishing was spectacular until early Nov. because of the warm fall days.  My wife and I had our first son in November named Flint Travis Jones.  He just had his 12 week birthday yesterday and he is growing rapidly and really fun to be around!


We have had a decent winter up here although it has been really warm the last three weeks or so.  The Snow Pack is still near 100% or more.  Spring fishing will be awesome this year since the warm up is happening now instead of in March.  We should have good water through the summer but nothing extremely high like in past years.

I have been working on a New Bitterroot Boatworks skiff for the last couple of months and am almost done.  Should have it on the water in the next few weeks!  Come fish with me in it!

I have room in Late April, late May, Early June, August, Sept. and Oct. so get a hold of me if you want to get in the books for 2015!  See you all on the water!