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Monday, March 25, 2013

Its on Like Donkey Kong!

Well so far March has been great fishing overall with the exception of a couple of days last week where it blizzarded and the skiing was much better than the fishing.  Skwalas are out in force and since the weather is warming now and should be nicer through April the bug hatch should only increase to include Grey Drakes, Baetis, and March Browns.  This is one of the very best times of year for dry fly fishing!  If you haven't grabbed some dates yet you better get on it cause things are going fast.  See you on the water!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Skwalas are here!

They are here and fishing has been really heating up on the Bitterroot!  Look for thing to only get better as long as the boat crowds don't overrun the river.  If you haven't booked anything for the next month get ahold of me soon! this only last until runnoff starts!  Cheers.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Springtime is almost Here!

Well since my last blog which has been quite a while we have had a bunch of adventures.  I finished up my trout season in Late October and man did we have great fishing through to the end the Missouri was on fire with streamers and Baetis.  It was really fishing just like the old days!  This is a must if you haven't seen mid October fishing in Montana. Then it was time for my personal favorite time of year! and maximum recreation I caught some nice steelhead, shot some pheasants, ducks, and a nice bull elk and that got us into Dec.  Steph and I had a great holiday with friends and family and then it was off to Patagonia.  Steph and I hosted some of my customers at a lodge in Chile for the first two weeks of January and the fishing was great!  Weather was interesting and the overall experience was fantastic!  We then traveled to into Argentina and visited friends who own the premier fishing lodge on that side of the border.  The plan for Sheerwater Guide Service in the winter is to host fishing trips in Patagonia through the connections I developed over the years I guided down there.  All in all we were in Patagonia for exactly one month.  February was spent doing boat work and house hold chores in Montana getting ready for the 2013 season up here.  We are in good shape on our snow pack and it looks like we will have an average year so plan accordingly or send me an email if you have any questions.

Here is what you and I have been waiting for.........

  My first guide day was yesterday March 2nd and we were out on the Bitterroot.  Although it is a bit early in the month for dry flies we has some excellent nymph fishing and you can tell that the Skwala Hatch will be here soon.  Plan on fishing getting good by late March and holding up through April.  Let me know if you want to fish one of the best dry fly hatches of the year.  Cheers and Tightlines!