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Friday, April 6, 2012

April and the bugs are all over the place!

Well March was great fishig! As always everyone has cabin fever and the Bitterroot is clogged on the weekends by anyone that can find a floatable craft.  Didn't seem to hurt the fishing however as long as you had a trick or two up you sleeve to avoid the traffic.  Skwalas were again out in force this year by the 20th and fish have been looking up in the afternoons consistently on most days.  With last weekends blowout (the root nearly doubled in size) the crowds have thinned out and the river is up at a level that really fishes well  if you know where to look.  We are seeing good numbers of May Fly's as well as Skwalas' now so come on out and get some.  We should have solid fishing until April 20th or so and if you can 't make before runnoff starts in Western Montana there is always the Missouri river and all of the fine fishing that can be found there in the spring.  Get ahold of me at  Tightlines.