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Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Season is done!

Well as another great trout season wraps up here in Montana I can't help but think that it was all of the great customers that came out this year that made it all worth while.  We had great trout fishing right through the third week of Oct. both in the Missoula area and on the Missouri.  The last couple of weeks I have been traveling between steelhead spots in Idaho and bird hunting spots in Montana and thinking about next trout season.  Tomorrow we are headed to far eastern Montana to chase roosters for a couple of weeks and then back to the Missoula area to hunt elk until I get one or the season closes.  My wife and I will be taking customers down to a lodge in Chile in January to fish for trout (hopefully huge ones) on the other side of the world.  Spring comes early in Montana and fishing is great by early March so let me know if you are interested.  Here is a steelhead I caught the other day that went about 7 or 8 lbs.  Cheers and be well.  Tightlines!