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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mid April

Since this year despite the weather has turned out to be one of the greatest spring fishing seasons of all time.  The Bitterroot and Clark Fork have been giving it up each and everyday for weeks and unless you are truly unlucky to end up fishing on one of the bitterly cold days fishing has been consistently great.  The high mountains continue to get snow fall almost everyday so we are going to have a great summer season.  Late May through Mid June will be most likely a Missouri River show but it is going to be awesome over there this year!  The high the Missouri get the better the fishing gets.  The Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and Clark Fork will be fishing well by the third week in June most likely and will fishing well all the way until late Oct.   I still have some day left in June and July so come on up.  Don't be scared of August either since it is probably the best "hopper" fishing month.  Get a hold of me at

Monday, April 4, 2011

The beginnings of the May Fly

Well it finally happen, we received a big push of water late last week that sent the Bitterroot shooting up for a couple of days.   I was off the water for the weekend to attend a good friends wedding but was back out there today.  Even though there is alot more water than last week the rivers are once again on the drop and we had some great fishing today, big fish were on the chew!  What happen is that we had a number of nights in a row where the temps. didn't get back down to freezing and a bunch of low level snow decided to melt.  The nights are cooling back down and things look really good for the next couple of weeks.  I am also starting to see more and more may flies out and about and fish are starting to key towards those along with our Skwala stone flies.  April is as much fun as March only a little warmer and there are more different types of bugs out there.  If you haven't already booked a trip come on out the water is fine.